Dublin Fire Brigade Has Issued A Safety Warning To All The Hoarders Out There

You know who you are...

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If you're the type of person who keeps boxes of Smash Hits magazine and old World Cup sticker albums lying around the house then you better listen up.

While 'hoarders' often become the subject of jokes who their inability to let go of physical reminders of the past, there's actually some pretty serious dangers to taking up a lot of room with piles of old stuff. That's according to Dublin Fire Brigade who have today issued a message to warn people about the dangers of hoarding.

The Twitter post reads:

'Hoarding can cause health issues and it increases the fire load in the building: Paper, Cardboard, Plastics etc. It creates huge difficulty for Firefighters to navigate in zero visibility.'

Seems pretty clear. Maybe it's time to dispose of those East 17 calendars for good?

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