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Dublin Fire Brigade Have Warned People Not To Put These Two Food Items In The Toaster

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The kitchen is a place where people just love to get creative and all sorts of methods and and combinations are carried out. Whether it’s a quick snack or a romantic spread, whipping up a decent feed can be a very satisfying experience.

There are a few exceptions though as Dublin Fire Brigade has felt the need to point out on Twitter this evening, along with a photo of two rather crispy looking culprits.

The warning centres around the placing of two items in the toaster – waffles and cheese.

In the tweet, the ever-helpful DFB said that cooking waffles in the toaster will end up causing a fire. They also recommended that ‘turning the toaster on its side to melt cheese’ will most likely have the same result. The reason given is that ‘oils dripping on to the elements will ignite’ leaving a situation none of ever want to experience in our homes.

Once again the heroes of Dublin Fire Brigade have come to our rescue. No matter how handy an idea you think you might have, it’s all about safety first.

It might sound cheesy, but they ain’t wafflin’.

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