This Is Your Ultimate Dublin Guinness Bucket List For 2019

By Darragh Berry

May 18, 2019 at 7:44am



Ah. My goodness, my Guinness.

It's hard to describe what makes the perfect pint of plain. It's like falling in love, when you know, you just know.

The creaminess, the rings that form around the glass, a head that's whiter than the 'big snow' of 1982 and a body that tells the littlest of lies (no matter how hard you argue, it's ruby red, not black) but we forgive them all the same and always come back for more.

It's a well known fact (*facts may be from author's own experience) that it's next to near impossible to get a bad pint of Guinness in Ireland.

In fact, there is only three categories to describe a pint of G in this little country of ours: Good, great, like mother's milk.

And if you like your pint of plain that tastes as good as mother's milk, then these places in Dublin are your only man.

These are the 25 pubs that you need to tick off your list:

The Long Hall

Very seldom you'll walk into this place without seeing a line of Guinness on the bar in front of you. A small but cosy bar on George's Street with a tasty pint.


One of the very few places where I downed a pint of Guinness in a rapid amount of minutes.

Like drinking a cloud, beautiful.


Situated in Terenure, this little watering hole is also ideal for watching a sports  game with its two televisions. Also a grand place for grub if you're looking for some soakage.

John Kavanagh's - Gravediggers

Completely off the beaten track. It's hidden away on the northside from the normal tourist attractions and that's probably what makes it so special.

The Lord Edwards

A quintessential Irish pub and also holds the record of the having the oldest fish restaurant in Dublin.


Nothing fishy about their pints though.


Rory Guinness once said that this place held the reputation as the best pint of Guinness in Dublin.

Now if you want to argue with a member of the family, off with you.


This treat on fleet street would nearly be passed by because it's so small but whatever you do, do not pass by this place without popping in for a tipple.

Fallons - "The Capstan Bar"

If Paddy 'Pintman' Losty had a local, it would be this place.

High stools at the ready.


Want to share a pint in the same favourite spot as Brendan Behan? Imagine the conversations he used to have in their over a pint of cream?

Flowing Tide

Not only one of the oldest but one of the best pubs in the capital. We dare you to tip in here for 'just the one'.


An iconic Dublin bar, you'd get the feeling that it hasn't changed that much in its 250 year odd existence.

We could easily pass 250 years in here too.


They do flirt with the idea of cocktails and draft beer but their bread and butter is still their pint of Guinness.

A popular 'after-work' spot so don't go in here expecting a quiet one.



Near the back door of the Gaiety Theatre and you'll find many characters and actors in this place too.

Once you start gulping on the Guinness, you might find it hard to exit stage left.


You'll come for the pint of Guinness and you'll stay for the artwork by local artists that surrounds the place. They say a picture paints a thousands words but nothing could describe this pint.


Oscar Wilde earned his first shilling stacking the shelves on a Saturday afternoon in the shop in Kennedy's.

We're sure he went back on the Saturday night in his later years for the beautiful pint of Guinness.

The Blue Light

In the foothills of the Dublin mountains, even just looking at this pub from the outside you just know that it'll have a great session and a great pint.

You might even bump into the Edge there too if you're lucky.

The Stag's Head

This was named the best pub in Ireland in 2016. Enough said. You don't get that award in Ireland without having a cracking pint of the black stuff.

Sorry, ruby red.

The Palace Bar

It's the type of place where you'd go in for one pint and end up staying there for the night telling yourself that it's still only early yet.

Time flies when the Guinness does too.



There's more corners and snugs in this place that you'll never be stuck for a ledge or an edge to lean against.

Ideal for a work get together and a grand chat.

Slattery's Bar

Guinness have awarded this place with the coveted perfect pint award. There's not much to say other than that.

A masterpiece.

Gibneys Of Malahide

Quenching the thirst of visitors and locals alike for a very long time now. Now, this is the type of old mans pub that your auld lad was talking about.

Great Guinness, even greater craic and music.

The Cobblestone

Do you get a bit brave and start breaking out in song and music after a few Guinness. Then this is your kind of spot. Even if you're too shy after a couple of creamys, they offer a balaclava service for those who can sing or play music but don't want people looking (or at least to think they aren't).

McSorley's Of Ranelagh

All we can say is thank Guinness that this place is a late bar. Born after Italia '90, the wait for this pint will be as nerve-wrecking but just as rewarding as O'Leary's peno.

Oil Can Harry's

We especially like the old barrels outside. Nothing says beautiful like a perfect pint resting still on a barrel. No scarcity of oil for the throat in this place.


There's something in the water that makes Skerries such a beautiful place but whether you're here for the day or for the long run, you need to make a visit to this spot.

Plenty of places to choose from there, enjoy.


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