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16th Feb 2018

This New And Improved Dublin Hotel Is The First Of Its Kind In Europe – And Is Going To Attract Lots Of Visitors

Darragh Berry

The Irish Times had a first look exclusive at the new Iveagh Garden hotel on Harcourt Street and revealed some brand new info about the place. 

The new four-star hotel opens with 150 bedrooms and will extend to 161 rooms in 2019. 

It will cost about €285 odd to stay here overnight in high seasons and around €180 in low season with breakfast costing extra. 

It claims to be Europe’s first sustainable hotel and hopes to use their own system as much as possible to get bookings as booking sites take an 18% cut of the price made as commission. 

As well as this, the new hotel will be fully powered by an underground river that runs 50 metres below the hotel. 

Large turbines will turn the power from the river Swan into energy which will meet all of the hotel’s energy requirements.

You’d nearly stay here just to say, “I was in Europe’s first sustainable hotel.”

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