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31st Jan 2018

Dublin Woman Issues Deadly Warning To All Gym Goers About Side-Effects Of Addiction To Steroids

Darragh Berry

A Dublin dad-of-four tragically died after becoming addicted to steroids and his wife has urged gym goers to know all about the side-effects before using them. 

Sarita Egan was on radio show, Dublin Talks on 98FM on Tuesday night and told the heartbreaking story about how her partner, Mark, who wanted to get bigger for their wedding but became addicted to steroids after the honeymoon. 

“He was doing the usual, eating healthy, protein shakes and stuff and he wasn’t getting anywhere with that so decided he would start taking steroids.

“He said he was going to start doing cycles of them and then stop, I was fine with it because I never heard any horror stories about them, of anything going bad and neither did he.

“He looked really well, he had a good physique, but it is very hard work, if you don’t work out you just bloat with steroids. “He kept going to even further goal.

That’s the thing with steroids you keep thinking you can go further. They fill you with so much energy.”

Mark, then decided to try and wean himself off steroids but as a result, suffered psychosis and took his own life in June 2017. 

“Before hand he was as healthy as anything and never suffered those symptoms. When you weigh out the pros and cons, the only good thing is they make you feel good for a short time but it didn’t last.

“His personality would change, steroids do that, Mark was never aggressive or violent [but] he did say himself he felt he would snap quicker and he would overreact in situations.”

“I never for one second though my husband would take his own life, he was the happiest, funniest person you could ever meet. I’ve been with Mark for 20 years, the first 16 years he never took steroids, he never suffered with his mental health.

“I wanted to make awareness of it so other families won’t have to go through what we did.”

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