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12th Jan 2023

Dublin’s history comes to life with new AR app that lets you experience it first-hand

Katy Thornton

AR app dublin's history

New and first of its kind Augmented Reality App shows Dublin as you’ve never seen it before!

This new app has the potential to be huge for Dublin tourism. Dublin City Council has launched Dublin Discovery Trails – ‘Doors into Docklands’, an app that provides immersive discovery trails of Dublin through Augmented Reality (AR).

The app is an innovative way to see the history of the Docklands come to life through AR, which combines real-world history with smart technology. It merges the old and the new, guiding the user in their own time on a journey of discovery to some of the Docklands most loved sites and attractions, enabling them to uncover compelling stories of Dublin’s culture, heritage and history.

Some of the things you can experience through the app are the Guinness barges sailing down the River Liffey, the Crimean Banquet held in the CHQ, and the story of the famine statues.

Along the trail you can see the ‘history come to life’ with a 360-degree view of the Custom House fires blazing in 1921, the Scherzer Bridges in 2D animation as well as Port workers in the Diving Bell toiling at the bottom of the sea.

You will also meet many Augmented Reality characters telling their stories from Captain Bligh who surveyed Dublin Bay in the 1800’s to Maggie Doyle telling her tale as a Docker’s daughter.

Director of Service Area Management in Dublin City Council Karl Mitchell says this of the new technology:

“This App through its immersive Augmented Reality technology allows users to explore the City’s Docklands in an engaging and exciting way. You can find out more about Dublin’s maritime history, visit famous landmarks and heritage sites, uncover hidden wonders, and experience history and culture in a new fun way.” 

You can read more about the new Augmented Reality app HERE.

Header image via Robbie Reynolds

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