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06th Dec 2019

Dublin’s tourist-to-local ratio is higher than New York and London

James Fenton

New data has revealed that Dublin has the highest fifth-highest tourist-to-local ratio in the world.

The information was collated by visa processors Esta and places Dublin behind Miami in top spot followed by Las Vegas, Dubai and Edinburgh. Researchers used population data and visitor numbers to work out the tourist-to-local ratio for some of the world’s most popular cities.

The report finds that there are 427 tourists to every 100 locals in Dublin based on international tourist arrivals from 2018. This compares to a ratio of 1641 to 100 in Miami and 993 to 100 in Las Vegas.

The Dublin ratio is a lot higher than tourist hotspots such as London (226 to 100), New York (157 to 100) and Paris (154 to 100).

In the report, Esta produced an infographic for each of the featured cities and Dublin’s looks like this, with the white circles representing tourists and the darker circles representing locals…

Miami, meanwhile, looks like this…

Here are London and New York…

And Tel Aviv, the city with the lowest ratio on the list…

If you’re planning a city break in 2020, the list could be very useful in helping you see if you’ll get a more local experience or if you’ll be surrounded by tourists.

You can see Esta’s full list of tourist-to-local ratios for the world’s most popular cities here.

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