9 Brilliant Barbers In Dublin For When You Need Yer Mop Chopped In Style

Sure what else is the long weekend for...


The days when a trip to the barber consisted of outdated magazines, weak tea and a hurried short-back-and-sides are long gone.

No, the process of getting a mop chop has become altogether more considered experience. And in Dublin, some places do it far better than others.

Take these guys, for example...

1. Beards & Barnets

Unit 3 The Granary, Temple Bar, D2

So trendy they even have seats made from pallets.

What more can we say, eh? Give them a follow on Instagram if you really want to see what goes on behind the scenes there.

2. Platinum Barbers

Cooldriona Court, Main St, Swords

Fresh cuts with a loyal following, and well worth a visit if you're up in that end of the county.

Bunch of absolute champs...

3. Barbiere

Baggot Street/Camden Street, D2

With two locations in the city centre – including a brand new spot on Baggot Street – this is Italian style right in the heart of the Irish capital, run by some of the very best in the biz.

Throw in a handy online booking system, and you're laughing really.

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4. Cut & Sew

4 Crow Street, D2

Based in the back of All City Records in Temple Bar – which also does a roaring trade in spray paints, if you're into that kind of thing for... some reason or another.

Solid tunes. Solid cuts. And some of the soundest heads in Dublin behind it all.

What more would you be after?


5. Craft and Co

Thomas Street, Dublin 8

Another new addition to the scene, these premises on Thomas Street are shared with an artist's studio and a real café – not just a machine that spews out a brown brew that you can look at sadly while you wait.

Dublin is richer for having this spot, andit deserves your business.


6. The Waldorf

Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2

You may have seen it on RTÉ's The Takeover, or maybe you've walked past the somewhat innocuous exterior on Westmoreland Street – but to enter this place is to take a step back in time to a more classy and stylish age.

Not just a cut, but an experience.


7. The Grooming Rooms

16 William Street South, D2

Shaving, beard grooming, eyebrow waxing and even facials – this is the spot to hit up when you really want to spoil yourself. It may not boast the old-timey aesthetic of some of the other entries on this list, but opts instead for a more classical and ornate approach; and it works.

So stylish that you'll even fit in with the nearby Clement and Pekoe crew afterwards...


8. The Butcher Barber

12 Johnson's Court, D2

Set up by the renowned Dublin stylist Emmett Byrne, and nestled in that little laneway that runs between Grafton Street and Clarendon Street alongside St Theresa's Church, this spot is well known for servicing the heads of Ireland's rugby elite.

And if it's good enough for them...


9. Sam's Barbers

28 Ormond Quay Lower, D1

A family-run chain that offers all the necessary treatments from styled haircuts, classic haircuts, hair colouring and hot towel shaves.

They've five locations across the city, but this one on Ormond Quay is the one you're probably most likely to recognise.