10 Fantastic (And Alternative) Date Ideas You Need To Try In Dublin

By seank

March 29, 2019 at 4:14pm



There's more to dating than the same old bars, restaurants, and the cinema, you know.

This city has a plethora of weird and wonderful dating options to choose from. Embrace the unusual ones, they're always the best craic.

We've rounded up a few that just might tickle your fancy...

1. Paintball

Harbouring pent up aggression against your beloved? Well paintball allows you to hunt them in a socially acceptable manner!

You'll either have a cute 10 Things I Hate About You moment, or unload all of your ammo on their ass in an instant of pure catharsis.

2. Glasnevin Cemetery

One for the history buffs.

Built at the behest of Daniel O’Connell, this huge cemetery contains more than one million interments, including history class stalwarts like Michael Collins and Countess Markievicz.

Of course, if a big graveyard doesn't do it for your date, we have other options...


3. Kilmainham Gaol

More historical vibes.

Take a tour of the revered site known for its major role in 1916, where it was known to be the location of Ireland's political prisoners' incarceration, torture and execution.

More recently, it's known as a hot date location.

4. The Hole In 1 Challenge

Competitive couples might just love this one.

Boasting a custom built 60 square metre green, the Hole In 1 Challenge has got four holes at a distance of just 100 metres, making the chances of landing a hole in one significantly higher. As an added incentive thousands of euros worth of prizes can be won, like a European getaway for two or an extreme skydiving experience.

You'll find HI1C at The Kinsealy Grange, Chapel Lane, Portmarnock.

5. Indoor climbing

If you and your boo need an adrenaline fix, this is just the ticket.

You can climb indoors at The Wall (Sandyford), Gravity (Inchicore) and Awesome Walls (Finglas).

Both The Wall and Gravity are especially good for first-time climbers (both use boulders; no rope), while Awesome Walls is great for getting up high (but best not attempted by first timers).


6. Accents Tea & Coffee Lounge

We've named this the cosiest café in Dublin and with good reason: it's like hanging out in your mate's living room.

It's warmly lit, there are comfy couches everywhere, and they've got some of the best hot chocolates in Dublin.

Far more relaxed than a dinner date.

7. La Peniche

You're the kinda couple that's into your fine dining, but you've been everywhere at this point and you're sick of all that landlubber shit. The barge restaurant La Peniche is just the thing for you.

It's a pretty unique dining experience as you float down the Grand Canal, with a well thought out and reasonably priced menu focussed on using as many local products and ingredients as possible.

Don't ask if you can steer the boat though; trust me, they don't like that.

8. Jump Zone

This is a warehouse where the floor is made entirely of trampolines – seriously, how unreal does that sound? They have outlets in Santry and Sandyford, and you can even order pizza while you're there.


9. Adventure Rooms

This is one for all the fun-loving yet intelligent couples out there. At Adventure Rooms, you find yourselves locked in a room and you must work together in order to solve a series of puzzles and win your freedom before the time runs out.

A great way to find out which of you is the smarter of the pair, thereby creating a wedge that will ultimately destroy your relationship.


10. Irish Cuddle Salon

Why not bring your significant other to the Irish Cuddle Salon meet up, where people regularly come together to cuddle each other in groups? Yes, this is genuinely a thing that happens in Dublin.

Now before you get creeped out, the organisers make it pretty clear that this is a completely non-sexual thing, it's simply about nurturing physical contact. And we're pretty sure your date would be into it.

Click here to get involved in their next cuddle party.

Any other alternative date suggestions? Let us know in the comments.

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