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26th Mar 2021

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Rory Cashin

Designed for those who take their tech wear seriously.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds, and you’ve got a bit more money to spend on them than you might do usually, take a read of our review of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, having spent a few days using them this week.


Crisp and clear, exactly what you’d expect from a more high-end pair of earbuds. Once you kick in the Ambient Noise Cancelling, it becomes even cleaner and more defined. Anyone looking for the thumping power of good, heavy base will be happy here, too. Difficult to fault.


It does take a little bit of work to actually figure out which end is up with the earbuds, and the same goes for putting them back into the case. There is a certain finicky nature to getting them back in perfectly to ensure that they’re getting their charge, but its nothing that won’t be sorted after a few days of use. Otherwise, depending on what colour you decide to go with, it is chic and slick.


A five-minute charge in the case will give you an hour of listening time, which is great for those on the go. With ANC off, you’ll get eight hours of play time, or five hours with the ANC turned on. Again, depending on if you’ve got ANC on or off, you’ll get either an addition 13 or 20 hours of use through the charge held in the case.


The sound features such as the aforementioned ANC is great, and comes at different levels, adapting to your needs should you need it to. There are also nifty little additions like a beep-feature to help you find them if you’ve lost them in a messy room, or you can ask Bixby (Samsung’s assistant) to do all the usual Siri-esque questions. You can also tune a second set of the buds to one device, so more than one person can hear music from the same source.


Priced at €239, this is definitely on the more high-end scale of earbuds, so they definitely feel more like an investment than, say, just a pair to wear while listening to music now and then. The use of the assistant, and the several levels of noise cancellation, are tailored towards those who take their tech-wear seriously. If that sounds like you, then these sound like they should be yours.

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