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20th May 2021

“Happy ending in store” as DSPCA looks to rehome mistreated ducklings

James Fenton

Remember the ducklings that were rescued by the DSPCA amid a spate of young children buying them for as little as €5?

Well, they’re now doing much better and the DSPCA are looking to rehome them! Earlier this month, the little guys were picked up after what was described as the “reckless behaviour” of teenagers who were selling them for just €5.

In an update issued yesterday, the DSPCA wrote: “It’s been a roller coaster of a ride for these little ones. Being sold to children and not knowing what their fate would be. We have helped over 80 ducklings with more coming into our care today.

“We have found over 40 of them homes and are now looking to find home for 40+ more. If you have a set up for little ducklings and can provide them with the care they need please email [email protected].”

“Thankfully a happy ending is in store for them now.”

If you have the capacity to take care of any of these little guys then all you have to do is get in touch at the email address above. Sure who knows, they might be good quack.


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