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01st Jun 2022

Here are 5 ways to celebrate Pride month – from Dublin’s Outhouse

Katy Thornton

pride month dublin

Happy Pride Month!

It’s officially the 1st June, and therefore Pride Month in Dublin. You may already be well ahead of us and have all your plans sorted for this wonderful month, but if not, Outhouse Dublin has come up with some class ways to celebrate Pride ahead of the parade on the 25th June.

Outhouse is a non-profit organisation that supports members of the LGBT+ community and aims to inform, meet, organise and make things happen.

1: Put your flags up

Just like the 1st December is a great time to get the Christmas tree up, so is the 1st June for your Pride flag. According to Outhouse Dublin, “the LGBT flag was unfurled for the first time in 1978“, making it nearly 50 years of raising the flag for Pride. There are many variations, representing the different spectrums, so wave whatever flag is for you!

2: Donate to the cause

There’s no better time to donate to the cause than in June. While we’ve come along away, LGBTQIA+ organisations still need support so they can continue with the incredible work that they do. You can donate to Outhouse HERE or whatever organisation you wish.

3: Buy from queer companies

If you’re looking to get decked out for the Pride parade, why not make sure you’re buying from queer companies and businesses? Outhouse recommends Dublin Pride Hub on Duke Street for all your merch needs.

4: Throw a Pride BBQ company

It’s a month for celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community, so make sure you’re spending it with your favourite Pride friends and allies; Outhouse recommends doing so with a Pride BBQ. Dress colourful, put on some good food and dance the evening away to a great Pride playlist.

5: Binge-watch LGBTQIA+ productions

And last, but certainly not least, support LGBTQIA+ in the arts. You can search for these movie or tv series titles on streaming services like Netflix; Outhouse recommends Heartstopper.

However you’re celebrating Pride in Dublin this month, we hope you have a very happy one as you prepare for the Pride Festival between the 22nd and 26th June.

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