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06th Jan 2018

Here’s How To Have A Great Night Out In Dublin When You’re Broke AF


The amount of times we’ve turned down plans because we’re “too broke” already this month has gotten just a tad ridic. It’s still WAY too long to go until payday and we can’t keep living like hermits cooped up inside and swigging on Lidl wine alone on a Saturday night.

We did NOT become real life adults to be this boring.

While you might think that there’s no way you can afford to go out in town until you get paid, there are a few handy tips and tricks to follow that will allow you to still have the craic without splashing the cash.

Sure look, if you could have a great night out in college with just a tenner you can do it now.

1. Eat before you go out

The temptation to get a few tapas with your drinks or a side of fries all adds up money wise. Go out on a full tummy and you’ll be able to resist wasting cash on kebabs.

2. Pre-drink with mates beforehand

Pre-drinks are always where all the craic is had anyway. Get a bottle of wine or do some DIY cocktails in the gaff before leaving and you’ll be on a great buzz – and not have spent €50 on cocktails.

3. Skip the shots

They’re not worth the money and they’ll just make you so drunk you’ll think you’re as rich as Beyonce. Instead of downing €6 worth of alcohol get it mixed into a long drink that will last you longer.

4. Head out early

Most places have free or reduced entry before 11pm, so if you make it out early you won’t have to pay any fee to get into the club. Clever.

5. Seek out special offers and drinks deals

€2 drinks in Diceys on a Wednesday wudja be well?! Be smart about where you go for drinks and have a scout around for some deals before hand. Capital Bar and Pyg do some great cocktail deals.

6. Take out cash before you go out

This is a no brainer. If you’re on a strict budget then make sure that you don’t go over it by mindlessly handing over your card and losing track of your spending. Take your card with you as an emergency but place it in a separate part of your bag so you’re not tempted to use it on beer.

7. Stay sober!

Hear this one out: While the very thoughts of hitting Coppers at 1am deadly sober sounds terrifying, just think how free you will feel dancing like a mad yoke with such clarity? A fab night with zero hangover.

8. Have comfort food ready to go at home

Knowing that you have a lovely cheesy lasagne ready to throw into the microwave when you fall home will mean that you won’t be blowing money you don’t really have on garlic cheese chips.

See? It’s not as tough as it may seem…

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