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25th Oct 2019

I Stumbled Upon The Best Chicken Wings In Dublin Somewhere Completely Unexpected

Megan Cassidy

Chicken wings aren’t subjective.

Unlike pizzas, burgers and toasties, it’s not a matter of opinion – if they’re the best, everyone knows they’re the best and there’s rarely an argument.

At Lovin, we’re always wary of using the word “best”. The “best” burger, the “best” place for a coffee etc etc etc.

With so much happening on the foodie scene in Dublin, the “best” changes constantly – a good thing for our hungry readers, but when there’s a new best every second day, the word sort of becomes meaningless.

For a while, we banned the word “best” completely. But this week, I brought it back to the table.

I had to – because I accidentally stumbled upon the best chicken wings in Dublin, and I needed to tell you guys.

It’s urgent.

Okay. The best chicken wings in Dublin are not to be found at TriBeCa, or Elephant and Castle or Canal Bank Cafe.

They’re not covered in buffalo sauce, and they don’t come with blue cheese dip and celery. You don’t get eleventy billion wings in a basket, either.

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The best chicken wings I have tasted in this city are to be found in Pickle on Camden St.

If you’re on a weekend wing hunt, an Indian is not going to be your first port of call, but let today be the day that all changes.

Myself and the gals kicked off our weekend at Pickle last week, armed with very specific recommendations from previous visitors.

Among the recs were the Fauzi chicken wings, so we ordered two portions between six.

We got four large wings per portion, served with garlic Gorkha chutney, sesame seeds and leaves.

The moment we bit in, we all shared a moment. They were THE. BEST. wings we’d had in Dublin. Unanimous. 6/6. Full marks.

Chicken Wings

The story behind them is just as good.

The recipe for the Fauzi chicken wings comes from an army camp in India. Executive Chef Sunil’s brother-in-law is in the army and when he visited him recently, he was introduced to these chicken wings.

Fauji means army/soldier in Urdu, which is where the name came from.

They’re a labour of love, as the chicken is pulled and marinated in lemon juice, chillis and salt for 12 hours before being cooked with roast peppers and chopped coriander.

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After that, they’re deep fried in rice and corn flour, and finally they’re tossed in garlic and onions before being served.

The wings aren’t the only reason to go to Pickle. If you’re looking for a real treat, this is one of the most sophisticated, authentic places in town with plenty of vegan options and incredibly friendly staff.

Another one of our favourite dishes was the Saag Paneer – simmered cottage cheese (the texture is very similar to Halloumi, not the lumpy stuff in a pot) in a spinach puree sauce with smoked chilli and ginger.

Have you tried the Pickle Chicken WIngs? Let us know what you thought in the comments.