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22nd Mar 2021

Latest CSO figures indicate 80% of Dubliners are staying local to combat Covid-19 spread

James Fenton

Dublin remains the county with the highest rate of people staying local in order to combat the spread of Covid-19, according to new data.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has been releasing the data on a weekly basis, with the capital perennially the most Covid-19 restriction-compliant county, owing to ‘its urbanised nature and access to services compared to other counties.’

The latest figures have been released today, covering the week ending March 12, and show that Dubliners were 80% compliant during those seven days compared to 77.6% compliance the previous week.

The data shows that all counties modest SLI (Staying Local Indicator) increases from week ending 5 March 2021 to week ending 12 March 2021 ranging from 0.5 percentage points (Leitrim) to 2.5 percentage points (Donegal, Louth, Sligo), indicating some tightening of mobility behaviour.’

The report states that ‘Propensity to stay within 10km of residence tends to differ by county, as movement is impacted by local circumstances and conditions, such as access to services and levels of urbanisation. For example, Dublin, with a high level of urbanisation, consistently shows the highest percentage of persons staying local, while Carlow and Mayo, with relatively lower levels of urbanisation, are among the counties with the lowest percentage of persons staying within 10km of home.’

The Staying Local Indicator is based on statistical analysis of anonymised, aggregated mobile phone activity records, using data from Three Ireland.

The current 5km exercise limit is set to be reviewed before April 5. Find out more via this link.

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