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21st Sep 2021

Looking for love after lockdown?

Fiona Frawley

Have you spent the past few months binging Love Island, MAFs and First Dates and thinking… I wouldn’t mind giving that a go?

Well now’s your chance, love birds.

RTÉ are working on a new dating show called ‘The Love Experiment’, and are looking for singletons over the age of 18 to participate.

The idea is that two strangers meet, sit down together and then ask each other a series of questions that should lead to them meeting their perfect partner, based on scientific studies.

If you’ve had enough of downloading, deleting and ultimately re-downloading the apps, this could be the experiment for you. Cut out the small talk and get right down to asking the important questions, questions that will hopefully lead to you meeting your perfect match. You can’t get that from a Tinder super like.

Applications for the Love Experiment are open now, and you can fill out the form to register interest HERE. They ask questions about hobbies and interests, your proudest moment and a brief synopsis of your dating history.

If this is the sign you’ve been waiting for, if your horoscope’s been telling you you’re about to meet someone special, fill out that application baby. Instead of being the person walking behind the annoying couple taking up the whole pavement by refusing to stop holding hands, you could be IN the annoying couple taking up the whole pavement. We’re rooting for you.

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