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29th Jul 2021

Lovin Games Weekly – One of the scariest games of all time is getting a remake

Rory Cashin

Some great news for fans of one of the best horror games of all time.

The weather has taken a bit of a turn, hasn’t it? The endless sun and heat of last week has been mostly replaced by rain and clouds and… well, not cold, but just not as hot.

The dodgy weather has sent us all scuttling indoors, and what better way to spend some time than with some new games!


The Forgotten City

Originally created as a mod for Skyrim, it wasn’t long before The Forgotten City became its own thing, not so much focusing on action or platforming (it has those things, but not much of it) or almost endless world-building (the ten-hour runtime pales compared to the HUNDREDS of hours you could spend in Skyrim).

Instead, this is far more character orientated, and you’ll need to be smart in how you talk and interact with the other characters in the game. This new version has a very pretty graphical update, so it suits the new-gen you might be playing it on.

The Forgotten City is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.


There is a remake of Dead Space in the works

First released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2008, the Dead Space game brought together elements from classic sci-fi horror stories such as Alien and Event Horizon, and threw players in at the deep end of a terrifying tale about a lone scientist who finds himself on a spaceship filled with undead murderous creatures.

The remake is hoping to do for this series what the recent reboot of the original Resident Evil games did for that franchise. The new version of Dead Space is expected to arrive on PS5 and Xbox Series X, with no set release date as of yet, so likely will be late 2022 or later into 2023.



Chances are you already own FIFA 21, and if you do, then this obviously will not apply to you. With FIFA 22 due for release this October, you might be holding out for that one, but as part of PlayStation’s big summer sale, they’ve significantly marked down the price of the 21 edition. So this might be just the thing to push anyone who was holding out into buying a copy.

FIFA 21 is available on the PS Store right now, marked down from €69.99 to €14.69.

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