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28th Apr 2021

The M50 is set for a major overhaul with variable speed limits and “dynamic” lane signs

James Fenton

Variable speed limits and 98 new overhead gantries will be introduced on the M50 as part of a major overhaul later this year.

The variable speed limits on the M50 will be determined by computer algorithms and it will be possible to close lanes and reduce traffic speeds in the event of a crash or severe weather events.

Road users will be kept informed on these rolling changes via the Enhanced Motorway Operation Service (Emos) system which will control 380 “dynamic” lane signs on 98 overhead gantries along the stretch.

The upgrade is aimed at ensuring the safety of road users and first responders. A publicity campaign will be launched in late-June or July to inform motorists how to interpret and respond to the changes.

(header pic: Shutterstock)

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