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07th Feb 2021

Make a return to love letters with one of these Valentine’s Day cards

Sarah Finnan

Valentine's Day card

Channel your inner Ryan Gosling and send someone you love a handwritten Valentine’s Day card this year… penning 365 letters by next weekend might be a little ambitious, so start with one and see how you go. 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether your relationship status reads loved up, it’s complicated or happily single, sending someone you care about a card is still a nice gesture. Especially these days when getting snail mail is literally the highlight of our day. I gasp every time the postman even so much as looks in my direction.

As the designated universal day of love, it’s usually the one time that soppy is acceptable so embrace the cheese. Most of these are sure to get a chuckle too, so double whammy.

Here are a few of our fave V-Day cards out there at the minute. Suitors, take note.

Dublin Card Company has plenty of different options to choose from – I mean, would you expect anything less? It’s right there in the name. This sexy Flanders one is particularly good though. Their ‘bleedin rapid’ Dart card comes in at a close second.

This one might not have meant all that much under normal circumstances but at a time when taking out the bins has never been more exciting… well, it’s the ultimate compliment, isn’t it? Have a peek at the Designist website for other tongue-in-cheek options. The Michael D Huggins one is always a safe bet.

Unsurprisingly, this shirtless Daniel O’Donnell number makes the list again this year. Swoonworthy to say the least. Find more hilarity here.

Keep it plain and simple and opt for one of these colourful bad boys from The Kind. Plain and simple, they’re so beaut I reckon you could even frame them and add them as a print to your growing gallery wall. Reduce, reuse, repurpose and all that.

Extra points for this plantable ‘experience’ card from Jiminy. Thoughtful, imaginative and heartfelt – ticks all the boxes.

There are even options to suit the more tech-inclined who may prefer an e-card as opposed to the traditional hold in your hand version. If that sounds like you (or your Valentine) then head right here where you’ll find several different options. Each designed by local artists, donations for the sale of each card will go to helping national housing charity Threshold. So, consider this your February good deed.

So, which one will it be?

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