These Valentine's Day cards will give you and bae a good laugh

By Sarah Finnan

January 31, 2020 at 11:00am


Love day...or laugh day? I know which I prefer.

Valentine's Day is approaching and with it the chance to let your inner romantic loose. But if you're allergic to cheese and soppiness of any kind or if you just really like being gas, then these Valentine's Day cards will be right up your alley.

Not your typical lovey-dovey nonsense, they range from funny to irreverent to plain old rude - something for every sense of humour.

So, whether you're loved up or trying to woo someone new, I guarantee that one of these Valentine's Day cards is sure to impress.

Dublin Card Company

Inappropriate? Perhaps. Funny? Very.


Ah stop, you're making us blush.







Let's hope your IRL meeting didn't go the same way.

RuPaul's Drag Race fans will adore this.

The pitfalls of online dating, eh?

A card to treasure forever.


One of Stalin's lesser-known poems.

You may as well get straight to the point.

My favourite of Ghandi's quotes.

When words fail you, this card will do the trick.

Flattery in its highest form.

It doesn't take much to keep us happy really, does it?

The Valentine's Day card itself isn't enough, in this case...there MUST be follow-through.


Shakespeare for the 21st century.


The key is to always be prepared.

As Forest Gump once said - "life is like a box of chocolates".

Do as the Valentine's Day card says and giz a cuddle.

What Jonathan Van Ness says, goes.

The ultimate compliment in the age of modern dating.


But, don't they all have lovely bottoms...maybe don't say that to your mister/missus though.


And finally, the original Netflix and chill - nostalgia and romance go hand in hand.

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