This Interactive Map Shows The Average Rental Price Beside Each Luas Stop

How does yours compare?

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Feel like you're paying too much for rent? This map will either make you feel a lot better or worse about your situation.

The interactive tool was released by this morning and shows that properties next to Luas stops on the green line have an average rent of nearly €2,300 monthly while those on the red line should expect to pay an average of €2,081.

Unsurprisingly, prices increase the closer you get to the city centre. The most expensive stop on the red line is Spencer Dock where renters are expected to pay €2,793 while the green line's priciest stop is Charlemont which has an average of €2,646.

Moving out to the suburbs, a place near the Saggart stop on the red line will cost €1,728 and living next to the Brides Glen stop on the green line will cost €1,908.

The full map containing the average price of renting next to each Luas stop can be found here.

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