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07th Feb 2018

PIC: A Very Cheeky Pick-Up Sign Has Just Popped Up In Phibsboro


Well, this is one way to get attention that’s for sure. Some lad in Phibsboro has gone back to basics and is trying to woo a “cute girl” by going all out. 

What even is all out these days? Apparently it’s renting a GIANT billboard outside someone’s office and asking cars to beep in encouragement of your romantic pursuits.

Over the weekend, a huge billboard popped up above the Des Kelly interiors store in Phibsboro…

The eye-catching sign reads: “The cute girl who works over there says she’ll go out with me if I get 500 beeps. Please honk for a horney (sic) hunk.”

Speaking to Lovin Dublin, an employee at Des Kelly said that a guy walked into the store last week asking if he could put up a billboard above the store. Without waiting for a response, he went ahead and put it up.

“I went into the store on Monday morning and all I could hear outside was beeping. I thought it was just some fairly aggressive drivers until my colleague came in after and pointed out the billboard.”

Luckily, the manager at Des Kelly saw the funny side and they say they’ll let him keep it up until after Valentine’s Day to try get as many honks as possible.

Yay or nay? We for one aren’t too sure if this is the eh, most romantic way to get a date.

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