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06th Jan 2018

PIC: “Is This Yours?” This Dublin Ad Posting Will Restore Your Faith In People


Anyone who cycles in Dublin will know the gut wrenching fear that is worrying about your bike being stolen. Every day you pass the empty skeletons of bikes that have wheels robbed from them and even saddles screwed off – there’s nothing that the thieves won’t try to remove. 

Naturally, these bikes and parts end up being sold on the sly, and buying a bike in Dublin can be a bit dodgy unless you know for sure where it’s come from. 

So when a user on posted a listing about a bicycle he had just bought it really warmed the cold cockles of our hearts. 

The poster had bought a bike in Dublin but was concerned it might have been stolen – so is hoping to return it to its rightful owner 

“I bought this bike in Dublin this evening (Fri 5th Jan) but have a feeling the seller may have been fraudulent and sold me a stolen bike. 

“Being a Roadman myself, I know the feeling of having a fresh machine like this one snatched.

“And riding this at the expense of another Roadman would give me no satisfaction!”

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The owner of the bike (a Giant Defy 4 2016) has one week to prove that it’s theirs and they can have it back free of charge 

The advert added: “Get in touch if it’s yours and if you can identify it properly, you can have it back. (Frame number or distinctive feature to identify) No dodgy geezers chancing the arm either!! 

“If my purchase turns out to be legit and no one comes forward to claim then I will remove this advert 1 week from now and lean ar aghaidh with a clean conscience.”

You can see the full ad here. This is lovely, here’s hoping that either a) the bike wasn’t stolen or b) it gets back to its owner. 

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