Renting In Dublin? Here's What You Could Get For The Same Money Around The World

Now we have just got to pick a destination...

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We all know that Dublin can be absolutely extortionate for rent – but it isn't the worst!

And it definitely isn't the best... Paying rent each month is the darkest day, but it has to be done!

So what if we packed up all our stuff, and moved somewhere else? What would we get for our hard earned cash?

I have an imaginary €1000 to spend on rent in each city, which is a serious amount of money, but we might just unearth some palaces!


Let's start with the one we know best eh? 

Dublin certainly isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination - so what does our €1000 get us?

We have a 1 bedroom apartment in Harold's Cross, which is admittedly rather small but it gets the job done.

You can see this property here. 

Dublin 1
Dublin 2
Dublin 3


We pretty much all know someone who moved to London for work at this stage! 

A city notorious for it's crazy rent - in fact it is the most expensive city to rent in in the world!

Your €1000, which works out as just over £900, gets you a pretty decent one bed apartment in Croydon, so nothing city centre but still this is a really nice apartment! 

It is unfurnished though... You can see this apartment here.

London 2
London 3

New York

So we all have dreams of being Carrie Bradshaw (you included fellas, don't lie to me) but I don't think our budget of €1000 ($1120) will really let us live that kind of life ....

You can get this basement, I repeat BASEMENT, one bed apartment in Brooklyn for $1200 a month. 

I cannot comment as to why there appears to be a bottle of bleach in the middle of the room. Maybe it is a feature piece?

You can see this apartment here.

New York 1
New York 3
New York 2


Now we are talking!

It is almost impossible to believe you can get this apartment for the same money as in New York!

This one bedroom apartment in the Czech Republic capital costs €1000 (27 000 CZK) per month and it is gorgeous.

It looks like a fancy hotel! You can view this apartment here.

So when are we moving? 

Prague 2
Prague 1
Prague 3
Prague 4


The city of lights, the city of love, the city of "we don't provide a cooker, buy it yourself".

Now I actually lived in Paris for a while, so I am all too familiar with how difficult it is to find yourself an apartment. This one actually comes in at €990 - so I am saving you a whole tenner!

I actually think that this apartment is a bit of a steal, sad huh? That is... if you can get them to agree to rent to you, you wouldn't believe the rules and the hoops you have to jump through! 

You can see this apartment here.

Paris 1
Paris 2
Paris 3


If you have always wanted to live in Germany, this is your chance. This apartment in much nicer than what you are getting in Dublin for the same price!

This one bed apartment apartment actually comes in under our budget, at €960, leaving you €40 to do whatever you want with!

You can view this apartment here.

Berlin 1
Berlin 2
Berlin 3
Berlin 4

So get those bags packed!

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