This €1 Million Shed In Dublin Is Absolutely Beautiful On The Inside

A TOTAL bargain...

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This stunning shed could put an end to your never-ending house hunt. Yes, it really is that easy.

At €1 million, it's suuuuuper reasonable. Other things to note include:

  • Sharing with ten others. 
  • Bills NOT included.
  • Monday - Friday only. You must go home on weekends.
  • Females only.
  • It's a shed.

An all-round unreal deal. 

But in all seriousness.

This joke posted by one student in the UCD Accomodation Support Facebook page just goes to show how much students are struggling to find someplace to live... and it's September. The search should be over. 

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Every single year it just seems to get worse, and worse, and worse. 

It's a full-on nightmare out there right now for those yet to find accommodation, it's like The Hunger Games – a battle to the death just find a roof to put over your heads. With hundreds of people showing up to viewings, extortionate rent, hidden costs, uncontactable landlords and shitty conditions.

Been there, done that – and my heart goes out to you all. 

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