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07th Apr 2017

This ‘Cottage’ Once Belonged To George Bernard Shaw And Has A Stunning View Of Dublin Bay

Alana Laverty

Torca Cottage, on Torca Road, Dalkey, is the former gaff of George Bernard Shaw, who lived there between 1866 and 1874. 

An Irish playwright, critic and controversialist, Shaw’s influence on Western theatre, culture and politics extended from the 1880s to his death in 1950.

And I would give an arm and a leg to live in his beautiful, old home. 

Which has clearly been heavily renovated since he wandered the halls – and, oh, it’s a beaut. 

Dnl140354 S 05
Dnl140354 S 24

That kitchen is every food enthusiast’s dream. Meticulously fitted out with every mod con imaginable and a luxurious and stylish dining area. 

It’s pure modern and so pretty. With a plethora of sky lights, windows and glass doors, it is bright, airy and full of natural light. 

Dnl140354 S 23
Dnl140354 S 04
Dnl140354 S 03

I could definitely see myself kicking back with a bitta Netflix on that couch. 

Dnl140354 S 25
Dnl140354 S 19

Complete with beautifully landscaped gardens and a sun-trap of a patio to boot. 

Dnl140354 S 27
Dnl140354 S 20

And unparalleled, stunning views of Dublin Bay. 

Dnl140354 S 07

There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it.

George Bernard Shaw

If only following your heart’s desire was that feckin’ easy, George. 

Giz yer gaff. 

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