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24th Jan 2018

This Grim Studio Apartment In Town For €1,300 A Month Has People Snappin’


Ah, remember those glory days when you could find an apartment in Dublin without selling a kidney on the black market to pay for your rent? Nah, us neither. 

We’re all for lusting over the most beautiful property porn on the market (while knowing full well we’ll never afford it, the way our eyes glaze over at the Brown Thomas windows) but seeing the pure disgraceful places that are also up for rent is v depressing. 

How can anyone afford to live on their own in Dublin? The answer, realistically, is you can’t. 

Finding a studio apartment in the city centre for less than 1k would be a bit of luck, and one apartment on Parnell Street has been getting a LOT of attention online…

Twitter user @Eoin_OF spotted the apartment and people were outraged at how anyone could charge €1,300 a month for two people to live in a studio 

The original property on lists several properties in the same ad – a two-bed (literally bed) studio and a three-bed studio – and from the looks of all the photos it seems there are at least four separate studio apartments in the building. 

This means that the landlord is making a handy €4,800 a month 

Described as a “bright and fully furnished studio apartment” within walking distance to Grand Canal Dock Area, the listing has a studio apartment with two single beds for rent at €1,1000 a month and a studio with a double and a single bed for €1,300 a month. 

Oh great. Just the three best friends huddled up together for eternity. 

The beds are literally right beside the kitchen sink. 

Screen Shot 2018 01 24 At 15 34 42
Screen Shot 2018 01 24 At 15 34 30
Screen Shot 2018 01 24 At 15 34 07
Screen Shot 2018 01 24 At 15 33 57

The listing was only put up the other day yet already has almost 1,500 views.  

The sad news is this is probably going to be rented out in no time. Yikes.

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