Need To Brighten Up Your Gaff? A Repeal Art Exhibition In Rathmines This Weekend Is Your Chance

All pieces are for sale with profits going to Together For Yes


Fancy showing your political colours and adding some actual colour to your walls at the same time? Course ya do. 

Hop down to the MART gallery in Rathmines this weekend then for a special Repeal art exhibition organised by Peachy Dublin. 

Freedom is an exhibition showcasing "artistic reactions to an Ireland post Repealing the 8th."

Peachy says that they want to "keep this a really positive space and environment as it is so close to the referendum and give everyone a night of Art, Music, Poetry and a place to chill out before the Referendum. Instead of Artists responding to why we should repeal the 8th, we wanted the Artists to help us visualize what the future in Ireland could look or feel like if it is."

There'll be musicians and spoken word artists performing on the opening night as well as words from a Together for Yes representative. 

All pieces of art will be for sale with all the proceeds after cost being donated to Together for Yes.

The exhibition kicks off on Friday at 6pm and will feature works from the following artists:

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