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02nd Feb 2018

This Is Exactly Where To Stand In Coppers If You’re Looking For The Shift

Darragh Berry

Have you found yourself striking out in Coppers no matter how hard you try? You see your friends getting the shift left, right and centre but you always seem to fall at the final hurdle and you lose the person in a sea of sweat and spilled drinks?

Well, fear not people. Apparently there is an exact location in Coppers which is designed specifically for those who want the shift.

If you’re in that spot, you’re there for one reason and one reason only. 


Fully Charged with Graham and Nathan on Spin 103.8 were talking about a special pillar in the nightclub which is rumoured to be the spot for the shift. 

Nathan’s conspiracy theory was laughed at by co-host Graham but there was some facts behind the strange myth. 

“I was told that [if you’re in the spot] at 12, if you’re standing there alone, you’re giving off a sign that you want the shift,” said Nathan.

Then, someone called Paul rang in who backed up the point by saying he met his future wife at that pillar at “12:01”.

“Yeah, she gave me the eyes, the marriage eyes.”


Have you found any luck at this pillar? Let us know in the comments.

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