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07th Mar 2018

Five Ways This App Could Transform Your Dating Game


Single life can have its perks, for a while, but most of us get to a point where we just get feckin’ sick of it.

If that’s where you’re at right now and you’re not having any success in changing your fortunes, then allow us to make a suggestion: try something new.

We’re not suggesting that you should just settle for anyone, however, in fact the dating app The Inner Circle allows you to be veeery specific about the type of person you’re looking for — here’s everything you need to know about it.

Not just anybody can join

Sure, anyone can submit their application… they just won’t all get accepted.

The app has a strict vetting process which ensures that married people, Catfish, bots and any other unsuitable candidates can’t activate a profile and use up your valuable swiping time.

So time wasters, please take yourselves elsewhere.

Jog On

There are tonnes of filters

Have you got a crystal clear vision of all the qualities that your ideal other half would possess? Cos that can be accommodated.

You simply adjust a variety of filters on your account and you’ll only view profiles that meet your criteria based on interests, ambitions, education, lifestyle and even income level.

No need to settle.

I Dont Want No Scrub

It’s quality over quantity

The whole point of the selective app is that you don’t have to swipe through hundreds of profiles on the off chance that you’ll find someone you’ll like the look of.

Instead you’ll be shown a much smaller pool of people, but they’ll all be far more likely to tick your boxes.

You Dont Say

It comes with a handy geographic feature

Once you’re made it through the rigorous screening process and become welcomed into The Inner Circle community, you can see what locations nearby are popular with people who fit into your match with you.

So even if you want to try the old-fashioned way of meeting people in pubs at the weekend, you’ll know the spots where you’ve got the best chance of meeting someone that actually shares your interests.

Real Party

It takes out the blow-ins

While other dating apps will present you with users who may just be in town for the weekend, The Inner Circle doesn’t waste your time with them.

So, yet again, time wasters need not apply.

See Ya Never

Sound like your kinda thing?

Sign up to The Inner Circle for free now.