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20th Dec 2016

Eat, Drink And Be Merry On The Cheap – These Are The Free Samples To Check Out At Bloom


Without a doubt, one of the best part of Irish markets are the free samples.

But this isn’t just any market – it’s Bloom, it’s bigger, and it’s better. 

You could get lost for hours tasting world-class Irish foods for no cost whatsoever, and leave feeling quite satisfied.

I sure did.

First stop: Bakehouse

They’ve been “baking better biscuits” since… well, 2016. In fact, they launched these heavenly treats in the park on the first day of Bloom.

Help them decide on their next big flavour – double chocolate or ginger and chocolate – and get another free cookie out of it!

Dessert comes first, anyway.

Img 6612

Cooleeney Farm Cheese

You may be overwhelmed by the many cheese-tasting options, but this one in particular is fab. A lovely lady will give you a generous chunk of handmade Irish goat cheese that is to die for. 

Get in my belly. 

Img 6619

Brady Family Ham

You must find this man slicing lavish, hot chunks of new range ham.

Tender, fresh, sweet, honey glazed – melts like butter in your mouth. And don’t forget free. Never forget free.

Img 7036

Boutique Bake

Calling all health nuts, these bites of deliciousness are gluten-free and refined sugar-free. Oat and Seed, Cacao Protein, Almond Cacao Brownie are all offered on a silver (well, wooden) platter. 

If anything, these tasters will at least make you FEEL healthier. 

Img 6637

Smokehouse Sauce

It’s a “sauce to slather” – particularly on meats, a chunk of cheddar, or it’s even delicious on a carrot.

Made in Cork. Sold in your local SuperValu. Free at Bloom. 

Img 6624

McGargles Craft Beer

Did someone say free beer? Well, evidently they did.

Head over to the primarily alcohol tent, and find your fave brew. They have IPA’s, Lagers, Red Ales – basically anything your heart desires on tap. 

If you’re really ready to party, the Dingle Distillery stand is right around the corner for some liquor tasting as well. Unreal. 

Img 6626
Img 6647

Clarke’s Fresh Fruit

Complimentary strawberries. Everywhere.

Stem-picked in Co Meath, these gems are grown straight on the family farm. 

You may even get a dollop of cream on em’ if you’re lucky.

Img 6651

And finally, Howth Cuisine

These may not look all that nice, but they were absolutely delightful. Salmon, Thai and crab cakes straight outta the Atlantic.

You’ll get a generous serving, too.

Img 6639 1

Full belly, full wallet.