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22nd Jul 2022

The do’s and don’ts of travelling through Dublin Airport this summer

Katy Thornton

travelling dublin airport

Dublin Airport has been a stressful place to be as of late…

Travelling through Dublin Airport soon? You may need some tips to avoid the queues.

Voted the second most stressful airport in Europe (yikes) Dublin Airport has been having some movement issues lately. The return of travel after two years of the pandemic has left the airport lacking in staff and unable to deal with the influx of travellers. The footage of long security queues and tales of people missing their flights have also done the rounds and thoroughly frightened anyone embarking on an early flight.

And while significant progress has been made, with most passengers making it through security in under 30 minutes, here are some tips and tricks if you’re travelling through Dublin Airport.


If you’re travelling to the UK or Europe, or going on a short haul flight, you’re advised to arrive at the airport 2.5 hours early. If you’re flying long haul, the advice is to arrive 3.5 hours early, to allow ample time to get through check in, security, as well as pre-clearance (if necessary).

Airlines have different check in hours, so double check when your airline’s check-in desk opens ahead of time on Dublin Airport website.

If it’s possible to check-in online, then do so.

Do allow extra time to check in luggage (up to an hour) regardless of your flight being short or long haul.


Don’t arrive more than 2.5 hours early for a short haul flight. For example, don’t arrive earlier than 6am for a flight at 8:30am.

Bag drop only opens at a certain time, so don’t arrive earlier than when you can check-in and drop your bags off.

If your flight is going out of Terminal 2, don’t arrive before security opens at 4am.

If you’re travelling through Dublin Airport soon, just stick to the advice provided and you should be all good to make your flight. Queue times have improved in recent weeks, so hopefully things will be back to normal soon enough.

You can get answers to any further FAQs HERE.

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