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12th Apr 2022

Dublin Airport ranks second most stressful airport ahead of Easter

Katy Thornton

dublin airport stressful

Something to consider if you’re flying this Easter weekend.

We’ve all seen the mad TikTok videos of people going through security at Dublin airport with horror. Well, turns out we’re not just being dramatic; the recent queues have placed Dublin in second as the most stressful airport to travel through in Europe over Easter. Dublin Airport ranks just under Heathrow Airport, according to a survey done by The Digital PR Hub at Legacy Communications.

Image via Legacy Communications

The study was compiled from 10,000 reviews and 2,500 tweets, with each airport of note being given a ‘Stress Score’. Dublin’s total stress score was 114.94, which was considerably lower than Heathrow’s, which was 145.47. Manchester Airport came in third with a score of 113.62, and then there was another drop with Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport in fourth, scoring a 105.49. The airport that came in last place was Turkey’s Antalya Airport in 25th, with a score of 66.68.

Legacy Communications derived data about “the annual number of passengers, rate of delays, social media sentiment and passenger reviews to figure out which of Europe’s airports are the most stress-inducing”.

Dublin landed in second due to long delays as well as customer dissatisfaction when it comes to WiFi, check-in, and security. This is noteworthy as Dublin Airport has significantly less annual passengers (29,582,321) than say Charles du Gaulle in Paris (69,471,442) who ranked sixth on the list. You can read more of Legacy’s findings HERE.

If you’re travelling through Dublin Airport this Easter, maybe try some of our tips to make it less stressful.

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