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21st Dec 2019

The full list of Dublin Airport entertainment for passengers landing over the coming days

James Fenton

We’re currently in the midst of Dublin Airport’s busiest ever Christmas and as always, the terminals are filled with festive entertainment to welcome people returning home.

If you’ve ever hit the tarmac at Dublin Airport over Christmas you’ll know that it’s a lovely time of year to arrive, with dozens of music and entertainment groups on hand to greet you as you walk through the arrivals gate.

There’s always plenty of tears as families are reunited and the atmosphere is hard to beat, as the below video will testify…

A full programme has been taking place since December 9 with only a few days left until Christmas, the festivities are sure to be cranked up a notch. If you’re landing before December 25, you can find out who you will be greeted by in the schedule below…

Being welcomed by the Dublin Gospel Choir on Christmas Eve. Pure bliss. The countdown is very much on and more information can be found here.

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