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26th Mar 2020

These social distancing guidelines are appearing in parks around Dublin

James Fenton

Social distancing is something we’re all having to get used to with people advised to keep a two-metre distance from each other as part of Covid-19 measures.

With the weekend on the horizon, many people will be hoping to get out and enjoy some fresh air. Places that usually attract large crowds, such as Glendalough, have now closed their car parks in a bid to help stop the spread of coronavirus but in Dublin, parks remain open to anyone who’s looking to stretch the legs.

Social distancing guidelines are now appearing at parks across the city and the new signage is aimed at encouraging visitors to adhere to HSE recommendations. You can see for yourself below and it’s a sight we’ll all be getting used to in the coming weeks…

According to South Dublin County Council, social distancing in parks means

  • keeping a space of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between you and other people
  • reducing physical interactions with people
  • avoiding crowded places

People can also help prevent the spread of coronavirus by ‘avoiding contact with surfaces such as playground equipment and outdoor exercise equipment.’

Parks in Dublin are expected to be open from 8am until 8pm. The busiest times are estimated to be from 1pm until 5pm while quieter periods are expected to be before 10am and after 6pm.

Earlier this week, the government advised that ‘no social gatherings of more than four people unless all concerned are members of the same household

More information about social distancing in parks can be found here.

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