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23rd Aug 2021

This Irish photographer got incredible footage of the moonrise last night

Fiona Frawley

Thankfully we now won’t have to bother uploading our own blurry attempts.

Many of us started to fancy ourselves as nature photographers over lockdown, but every time we see a post from Fred at Raw Dublin, we’re gently reminded to leave it to the professionals.

Early this morning Fred uploaded this incredible footage of of the moonrise from Clontarf Road to Poolbeg Lighthouse and she was looking well, it has to be said.

The moon is famously difficult to get a good snap of, but Fred was clearly committed following it all along the seafront as it rose to get the perfect shot. Mission accomplished.

If you’re interested in seeing the behind the scenes of getting the perfect moonshot, and everything that’s involved from timing to positioning, the vid is definitely worth a watch. Besides having a high quality camera and a great eye, one of the most important elements seems to be praying to Dolly Parton, Saint Anthony and the Child of Prague for a cloudless sky.

Did you get a shot of the moonrise last night?

Header image via Instagram/Raw Dublin 

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