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This Is Hands Down My Favourite Place To Get My Brows Done In Dublin

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I’ve never cared very much about my brows. For years I had a long fringe and you could hardly see them, so I just plucked a few obvious strays and that was it.

Recently, though, I’ve been wearing my fringe a bit shorter, so I decided to try getting them threaded.

I didn’t want to spend too much money so I steered clear of places like Elysian Brows and Blink and Wink (though they do come highly recommended).

After more than one treatment at the Body Shop resulted in cuts and ingrown hairs, I gave up on them.

I thought about heading to Penneys but couldn’t face the idea of getting my brows done in the middle of a busy shop, so I booked an appointment at Skinfull Affairs.

The salon is next to Ladurée on Exchequer Street, and full of cruelty-free goodies you can browse as you wait to be seen.

The last few times I’ve been there a woman called Kerensa has taken care of me, and she’s brilliant.

She’s a major perfectionist so she tends to take slightly longer than other therapists, but you’ll emerge with no hair out of place.

She’s super friendly too, and sometimes gives me free samples of products to help with my sensitive skin.

Eyebrow threading is €13.50 if you book online, and tinting is €15.


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