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21st Oct 2018

PIC: This Hilarious “Mad Lad” Snap From Trinity College Has Gone Ridiculously Viral

Darragh Berry

The daft rules that were implemented in college were the bane of our lives especially when it involved eating and drinking.

For example, in NUIG, you could bring the chewiest, crunchiest crisps into the library and make as much noise with your mouth as possible but a cup of tea and/or coffee was forbidden.

At least in Trinity College, they put an all-round ban down in this certain spot where no drinking, no smoking, no eating and no phones were allowed.

Obviously, people forgot to tell this self-proclaimed “mad lad” who captured the perfect opportunity to take a photo in the spot.

Tcd Feb 20

Reddit user, FadaPage posted the picture on Monday afternoon of a student smoking, drinking (alcohol and non-alcohol, the mad bastard), eating and on the telephone meaning he was breaking every single rule that the college had set for that specific spot.

Titled ‘Mad Lad in Trinity’, it has gotten millions of views and has been re-posted time and time again on the site.

Here is the man himself explaining the situation stating that he never thought his ‘rule-breaking’ photo would go so viral.

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