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14th Feb 2018

WATCH: Little Dublin Boy Personally Delivering Flowers To His Valentine Will Warm Your Heart

Darragh Berry

This little Dublin boy has more cojones than all of us Irish men put together.

If you haven’t noticed, today is the 14th of February and Carson was going seizing his opportunity to give roses to a girl called Ellie.

He strolls up to the door, flowers in one hand (which are bigger than himself) and a card in the other. 

He gives the dreaded knock on the door but he doesn’t sweat it. 

There’s a 20 second wait and the door opens but it’s a false alarm. Yet, he still keeps the head, no backing out, no running away.

And then, the magic moment happens.

There was absolutely no beating around the bush from this little dude.

No delays whatsoever, there’s your flowers, there’s your card, happy days. 

Ellie was absolutely delighted with herself but Carson made sure he finished off the gesture right by asking that vital question: “will you be my Valentine?”

He gets the hug and straight away puts the hands in the pockets to signify a job well done.

Carson, take a bow, every Irish man could learn a thing or two from you.

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