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29th Jun 2020

WATCH: Midnight queues formed as The Grafton Barber reopened its doors

James Fenton

The Grafton Barber is just one of the hairdressers reopening today after three long months of Covid-19 restrictions.

While many will queue up at Dublin’s various Grafton Barber outlets throughout the day, it seems some people just couldn’t wait for that much-needed haircut. The company reopened its doors in a number of locations at midnight last night and judging by the videos posted on social media, there were a number of Dubliners keen to get a trim in the early hours…

If you’d told us at the start of 2020 that people would be lining up at midnight to get a haircut, we’d have been checking what you put in your tea.

The last customers were taken at 2am before a well-earned rest for the barbers of Grafton. The company has also confirmed that over 70s and vulnerable people will be given priority on Wednesdays until noon.

You can read more about the reopening of The Grafton Barber here.

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