WATCH: Newly-weds left mortified after super personal best man speech

By Charlie Herbert

January 27, 2023 at 11:25am


One of the best best man's speeches ever

One man took a real gamble at his best friend's wedding as he delivered the "best punchline ever" during his best man's speech.

There aren't many greater responsibilities in a male friendship than being bestowed with the honour of best man. But this of course comes with the huge pressure of having to put together a speech worthy of your friendship, that will hopefully have the room in stitches.

Some men can crumble under the pressure (think Smithy in Gavin and Stacey), others thrive - like Derek.

In a viral video, Derek is delivering his speech at his brother Gary's wedding. He had tied the knot with his bride Kirsty at Doubletree Dunblane Hydro, Perthshire. Safe to say Gary wasn't ready for what he was about to hear.

TikTok wedding photographers We Are One Wedding Films uploaded the viral clip on social media, where Derek decided it was the best time to share a story of a particularly special Christmas Gary and his beloved once spent with each other.

He says: "One Christmas morning, I got up in my mum and dad's house, buzzing I may add. Walked down the stairs to open my presents only to be greeted with a slap from my mum. 'What did I tell you about bringing folk back here?'

"I say, 'What are you talking about mum, I've been in my bed the full night'.

"Obviously she's not thinking about golden child next door."

Derek goes on: "So we're in the living room opening a couple of presents, me, my mum and my dad, and we hear rustling from the wee room in the auld house, as we called it.

"At this point I go up the stairs, open Gary's room, and there you have it, Kirsty Currie, lying with her legs at ten to two.

"She certainly never came down the chimney in that position anyway. Merry Christmas, Kirsty."

Luckily for Derek, the tale went down an absolute storm, with both the bride and groom left in fits of laughter, along with the rest of the room.

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The clip was posted with the caption: "This could be the best punchline from a best man's speech ever."

Since it was shared, it has been viewed more than 7.1 million times, with thousands piling into the comments.

One user said: "The absolute fear in the groom's eyes. That's when you know the speech is going to be good."

Another chimed in: "The Scottish have a way of telling stories that isn't matched anywhere."


"She's a good team player, love the way the bride laughed it off," wrote a third.

While another added: "10-2 got me, she was mortified."

Other parts of the speech were also uploaded, and have racked up millions of views themselves.

Gary managed to get his own back soon enough though...

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