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13th Nov 2019

WATCH: The magical moment the Christmas lights were switched on in Dublin

James Fenton

If you happened to be walking around town around 5pm yesterday, it won’t come as news to you that Dublin’s Christmas lights have been switched on.

Last week, Dublin Town promised that there was no scheduled time or date for the magical moment but rather it would be sprung upon an unsuspecting public without warning.

However, just before 5pm yesterday evening, people passing through the city centre got the impression that something was going down. Those who were on Grafton Street were treated to a special musical performance and it wasn’t long before a small crowd had gathered to count down to the big switch.

Dublin Town captured the moment on camera and you can check it out below…

And here’s the final result, courtesy of

Over on Henry Street, things are now looking just as pretty…

Now that the city is lit up, there’s bound to be a rush to hit the town this weekend. Let the festive season, and all that comes with it, begin.

(header pic: Dublin Town)

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