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09th Jan 2018

You Could Trust This Dublin Barber And His Workers With Your Life (But Especially With Your Hair)

Darragh Berry

I’m a man of many simple pleasures. I don’t ask for much. A nice pint of Guinness, some peace while the football is on and a barber that I trust. 

You can change many things in this life: your religion, your car, your house, your partner but one thing that you should never consider changing is your barber especially when you’ve found an exceptionally good one. You need to get to know your barber and your barber needs to get to know you. Familiar face basis – great. First name basis – even better. 

Terenure Village Barbers has never let me down once. I’ve never come out of there thinking, “my hair is ruined” or “what a waste of money”, it’s the first time I’ve had a 100% ‘happy’ succession rate with a barbers. 

Beside the ‘Dress Circle’ shop, you’ll see the classic red, white and blue rotating barber sign. Head in that little side door and up a flight of stairs and at the top you will find one of the smallest but most trustworthy barbershops in Dublin. 

Getting your haircut is a strange thing because you can tell someone what you want, reiterate it and even point out pictures to them but if they have no interest in you, chances are they’re going to fuck it up. 

And there is nothing worse than the split second where the barber makes the first wrong cut and all you can do is sit there, take it in and watch as your precious locks fall apart. 

You’re as well to just go full 1990s Sinead O’Connor now…


I’m not one for change anyway. For example, I’ve been going to the same car mechanic for nearly six years. If you’re paying for a service, you need to be 100% happy with it. 

If you’re not, that’s not the place for you. Even if it was only a once-off occasion that they messed up, once is one times too many when it comes to your hair.  

The people at Terenure Village Barbers are friendly first and foremost. There’s nothing worse than just a buzzing sound filling the silence but there is no worry of that happening here. 

I’d say I’ve gone there about ten times since my first discovery of it and would say that I’m on ‘familiar face basis’ with owner, James, and his co-workers. But basis’ don’t even matter in this barbershop, the minute they say ‘next please’ you’re treated as if you’re one of their usual customers. 

Talking is essential in a barbers and I don’t mean general chit-chat about the weather either. A simple “what would you like?” is not good enough. Good barbers should bounce ideas off you or better still, add to your suggestion in order to give you the best cut possible. 

I get a 0.5 low fade haircut and just trim the top of my hair like the second picture below. I used to get a high fade but it was suggested to me in this barbers that the low fade would suit me better, which it does.  

Interaction goes a long way and if your barber knows that you’re open to discussion, they will always tell you about new hairstyle trends on the scene meaning you can be the first to have the newest style. 

Men’s Dry Haircut is €15 with prices for students and children lower than that. 

Tvb 2
Tvb 3

Even if you’re someone who just likes a simple 2 all around or a scissors cut, you still have a standard that you always want to be met when you get your hair cut and this barbershop will deliver time and time again.

That’s because there’s no rush. In a world where it’s all go-go-go, TVB take their time with every haircut. 

The time they put into it means that perfection is achieved with every snip. Queuing is annoying, sure, but isn’t it better to queue and come out content than getting in and out quickly on your lunch break but being disappointed?

The shop is also known as ‘The Modern Man’. The days of men being ashamed about looking after themselves are long gone. They are up-to-date with the latest hairstyles, products, and trends as well as catering for all your ‘manscaping’ needs such as eyebrow, leg and chest waxes. 

I haven’t tried it yet but it’s great to know that the option is there for me – with a place I trust – if I ever get the urge to do some ‘manscaping’. 

There is also a therapy room just to the left of the barbers at the top of the stairs where Vanessa – TVB’s qualified masseuse – is on hand to provide treatment in the form of back, neck and shoulders, deep tissue and hot stone massages. 

The team have previously worked in five-star hotels and barber shops which adds to the level of trust that you can put into them.

And I’d trust these people with my life but most importantly, I trust them with my hair.

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