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15th Oct 2018

7 Insanely Good Dishes To Try This Week

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

So the Sunday evening fear you had last night was kind of warranted because that commute in to work this morning was bloody baltic and therefore SHITE.

Hey, we all feel it to – you are not alone.

(Que Michael Jackson sing along)

So to make you’re Monday that little bit better, here at Lovin we’ve decided to give you your weekly dose of food porn. Really, this is a weekly dose – we’ve got a dish for each day of the week.

Feast your eyes on these beauties, some inspo for your next meal out:

1. Bubble Waffle Eggs Benedict – Póg

Póg have just opened a brand new branch and we’ve heard nothing but good things.

The bigger venue has now introduced some tasty new dishes including this whopper bubble waffle eggs Benedict. In true Póg fashion, it’s beautifully presented and super Instagrammable with edible flowers as a garnish.


2. Fish Taco – Union Café Churchtown

Union Café has just opened up in leafy Churchtown.

The menu has a plethora of options and the venue has a great buzz to it.

Fish tacos are always a winner.

3. Peanut Butter Tart – Locks Windsor Terrace

This tart looks like a huge, delectable Reese’s Pieces Cup.

Delightfully nutty!

4. Holy Cheesus – Box Burger

Last week we re-shared a video of this insanely sexy burger and due to high demand, Box Burger have brought it back.

We’re pretty ecstatic about it in Lovin HQ tbh.

I mean, LOOK at it!

5. Jerk Chicken Tacos – Lil Portie

Caribbean pop-up Lil Portie has set up in Rathmines.

The pop-up is open from Thursday-Saturday in 250 Square and is the perfect way to experience some interesting dishes and intriguing flavours.

6. Gorgonzola & Walnut – Mario’s Italian

If you’re looking for some comfort food, Mario’s is bae.

Ricotta cheese and spinach tortelloni with cream, gorgonzola and walnut sauce – honestly, this is the dream.

Cheesy, creamy, nutty wonderfulness.

Img 20181010 140024

7. Seafood Chowder – Klaw

It’s super chilly out there, I literally thought my fingers were going to fall off on my way into work this morning tbh.

There’s no better way to warm yourself up and get the colour back in your nose than with a hot bowl of soup, or even better – chowder.

If you’re hankering for some seafood chowder in the city, there’s no place better than Klaw.

This changes the chowder game.

header image: @pogdublin

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