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17th Dec 2018

PIC: This Former Aungier Danger Store Has Been Replaced By Something Even Better It Seems

Darragh Berry

It was a very sad day in the Lovin Dublin office when we found out that Aungier Danger were closing their stores.

The statement regarding the news was short and sweet, saying on Instagram that:

“Donut lovers, we hate to be the bearer of bad tidings…but we’re officially hanging up the Apron. Full statement to follow.

“We love you all.”

Rumours floated around before this that said the company were headed for liquidation after being issued a notice.

However, these allegations were never confirmed nor denied.

Their store on George’s Street was one of the first to go and was shortly followed by another shop in Merrion Row and eventually by the store on Aungier Store.

However, it seems that one of the Aungier Danger stores has been put to great use as it has become a Michael D Higgins shop that sells, t-shirts, hats and those Michael D Higgins Tea Cosies that everyone is in love with.

“One of the Aungier Dangers in town has now been turned into a shop selling Miggeldy Higgins t-shirts and hats. That’s it. That’s all it sells. Dublin has broken the simulation,” the tweet says.

Well, this could actually be a badly needed shop as a Dublin woman who sells the tea cosies – which can be found here, they are so cute – said she could not keep up with demand.

“We’re doing it seven days a week, and each one takes three and a half hours to make,” she said in November and added that demand has gone through the roof.

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