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12th Nov 2018

A Dublin Woman Is Selling These Brilliant Michael D Higgins Tea Cosies

Kiara Keane

You might have spotted a photo of these fab Michael Tea Higgins tea cosies doing the rounds online.

They’ve been available to buy for the past few years but the woman behind them says things really started to take off after her nephew posted a photo on Reddit.

And now that Michael D Higgins has just been sworn in as president for another seven years, she’s preparing for a raft of new orders to come in.

Susan Banks, 77, has been selling the cute tea cosy under the name Not Just Hats along with a whole host of others from Princess Leia to Elvis.

She told The Irish Sun, “Since the picture went on Reddit it has gone haywire.

“I can’t keep up with demand and we’ve already stopped taking orders for Christmas. We’re doing it seven days a week, and each one takes three and a half hours to make.”

While you sadly won’t be able to get your hands on one in time for Christmas, you can contact Susan about purchasing one through her Facebook page here.

Main image via Not Just Hats

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