Dundrum's Eagle House closes to make way for new beer garden

By Katy Thornton

August 16, 2022 at 11:11am


Gone but never forgotten.


An absolute institution of Dundrum Village has closed down to make way for a brand new venue. Eagle House and The Nest, that sit on the Main Street, are getting a makeover; in October, they will officially become Pye, a brand new beer garden, with a lick of fresh pink paint.

Renovations are currently underway to reinvigorate the beloved pub site, which has stood as an old reliable of Dublin 14 for those in search of a tipple for years upon years. There's not a local in the area who hasn't stumbled in here for a drink or two at some point (one year I even petitioned to have our Christmas Party here). Long story short, we ended up in PMACs instead.


Pye will be completely dog-friendly (in fact, bringing your pooch along with be hugely encouraged) and it also aims to be a spot for group bookings such as Christmas parties (able to host up to 350 people).


Keep an eye on the Pye socials for more news on the upcoming beer garden as they release sneak peeks.


As someone who has lived in the Dundrum area for most of my life, I can say without a doubt that The Eagle and The Nest will be firmly missed amongst locals. The Dublin 14 landscape will never be the same without them.

We hope that Pye keeps up the theme of cheap pints and the occasional pub quiz. And it's nice to see the Pye name return to the Dundrum area after so many years.

Header image via Instagram/pyedundrum

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