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20th Dec 2016

96 Illegally Smuggled Puppies Will Soon Need Homes In Dublin And Ireland

Alana Laverty

“THIS is not ok and THIS needs to stop. The levels that were taken to conceal these puppies are shocking with most of them squashed into small containers with little or no space, no food, no water and without the correct paper work.”

Dublin SPCA

Last week 96 puppies were seized at Holyhead as part of Operation Delphin.

The young pups were smuggled in absolutely shocking conditions, all cooped up in cages in the back of a van – sickening. 

The puppies were returned to Dublin, and the DSPCA have been caring for them since. Some have been put into temporary foster homes but all 96 will soon need permanent homes. 

Cocker Spaniels, Cavachons, Beagles and Yorkshire Terriers were amongst the breeds being smuggled – popular and designer dogs – which, of course, is very profitable for smugglers and puppy farms. 

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We LOVE dogs here at Lovin Dublin. And these pictures have broken our hearts. 

This is the perfect opportunity for us to give back and finally get an office dog *hint hint*

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With 96 new pups that need serious care, such as vaccinations, de-fleeing, deworming and microchips, on their hands, the DSPCA are under extreme pressure. You can make donations to help these adorable little pups here

Image credits: Dublin SPCA Facebook

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