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A Dublin Landlord Is Offering A Massive Discount On This Dublin 8 Property

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There’s currently an apartment up for rent on Daft.ie that’s offering quite the discount on rent, if you’re willing to pay.

Quite literally. As the landlord is offering to slash the rent from €2,000 a month to €1,600 a month, if you’re willing to pay all twelve months’ rent upfront.

Listed at €1,600 per month, the apartment has two bedrooms, is available to move into from August and is located in Christchurch, Dublin 8. 

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According to the listing, which you can see here, the rent is deemed by the landlord as ‘flexible’:

”Property is flexible with regard to the lease and the tenants’ needs and thus can be leased for just one month fixed (2,800 Euro), three months fixed (2,600 Euro) or twelve months fixed (2,000 Euro per month BUT with the option of a discount available for tenants who wish to pay quarterly/bi-quarterly rents upfront).”

”For example: 3 months rent upfront on a fixed 12 month lease will cost @ 1,900 or 6 months upfront will cost 1,800 or twelve months upfront will cost 1,600 instead of 2,000 thus a rental saving of a staggering 4,800 EURO!!! over the course of a year.”

The apartment is available from August 1 and viewings will be scheduled for Saturday evening (May 20) 5-9pm and Sunday afternoon (May 21) 2-6pm.

For those of you interested, the ad is here.

And while thinking of a year without rent sounds so dreamy, we can never think of a time when we’ll have that much cash…

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