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17th May 2017

Another Close Call Following Warning About Phone Chargers


Dublin Fire Brigade issued a warning yesterday about the dangers of leaving phones plugged in when charging

And there’s been yet another dangerous and close call.

This comes after several serious fires that have been caused by phone chargers being left in during recent times. 

The chargers were not known to be faulty but still caused serious damage.

Last night, Mick McLoughlin had a close call with his charger, except his case was different – his phone wasn’t even plugged in. 

His charger was plugged in to the wall, but no phone was charging.

The damage done is clearly evident, and it’s lucky no one was hurt. 

The phone charger was left on the pillow and managed to burn a hole straight through it – a very scary sight.

No more leaving phones, or chargers, plugged in unattended for us.  

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